Scott Leese Advisor, 2x Author, 3x Founder, 6x Sales Leader

In this session, Scott shares his secrets on building and scaling SaaS sales orgs across the scale-up journey of $0-25M+.

About Scott Leese

Scott is a 6x Sales Leader, 3x Founder, 2x Author, Sales Consultant and Strategic Advisor to startups around the world. Since 2016 Scott has been advising software businesses scale from $0 - $25m in ARR. He works with both domestic and international companies on sales strategy, process, people, pitch and more. Scott has also worked more directly on several occasions as a Strategic Advisor, providing sales training to leadership and salespeople alike. Scott has spent his entire professional career building and scaling sales orgs at SaaS companies and looks forward to sharing his secrets on scaling from $0 to $25M with us.

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